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École Primaire
Elementary School



NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Garofalo, Sonia
(Ext 7010)
  Administration Principal Principal
Nappi, Giuseppina  Administration Daycare Coordinator Daycare Technician
Pistilli, Carmie  Administration School Secretary
Senechal, Denyse  Administration Secretary
Charbonneau, Johanne  French Teacher FSL - Cycle I
Correia Da Silva, Elisangela    French Teacher FSL - Cycle II
David, Melissa  French Teacher FSL - Cycle III
Khoshbekyan, Liana  French Teacher FSL & Resource
Lounis, Hakim  French Teacher FSL
Altieri, Jessica  Resource Teacher
Salina, Laurie  Resource Teacher ELA & Remedial Support
Cavaliere, Nadia  Elementary Teacher ELA - Cycle III
D'Annessa, Maria  Elementary Teacher Science
Maclean, Robert  Elementary Behaviour Technician
Markessinis, Denise  Elementary Teacher ELA
Morin, Catherine  Elementary Teacher Arts Dramatiques, Phys. Ed, Pre-K
Potvin, Emilie  Elementary Teacher FSL
Roy, Marie Josee  Elementary Teacher Phys. Ed.
Strazza, Patricia  Elementary Teacher
Thambithurai, Shirome  Elementary Teacher ELA Grade 1& Science
Bruneau, Selina  Kindergarten Teacher - Kindergarten
Di Cera, Kristina  Kindergarten Teacher - PreK
Mireault, Lyne  Kindergarten Teacher - PreK
Stepanova, Galina  Kindergarten Teacher - Kindergarten

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