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École Primaire
Elementary School



NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Altieri, Jessica  Resource Teacher
Cavaliere, Nadia  Elementary Teacher
Charbonneau, Johanne  Elementary Teacher
Correia Da Silva, Elisangela    Elementary Teacher FSL
Cristofaro, Michele  Janitorial Janitor
D'Addario, Diana  Kindergarten Teacher
D'Annessa, Maria  Elementary Teacher
Federico, Marissa   Librarian
Fratarcangeli, Tania  Elementary Teacher English
Greaves, Vicky  French Teacher FSL, Drama
Lounis, Hakim  French Teacher FSL
Markessinis, Denise  Elementary Teacher
Markessinis, Panagiota    Elementary Teacher Resource- langue seconde
Mireault, Lyne  Elementary Teacher FSL
Nappi, Giuseppina  Administration Daycare Coordinator
Neveu, Lynn  Administration Principal
Pallotta, Tania  Technician Behaviour Technician Special Ed. Technician
Pistilli, Carmie  Administration School Secretary
Potvin, Emilie  Elementary Teacher FSL
Roy, Marie Josee  Elementary Teacher Phys. Ed.
Senechal, Denyse  Administration Secretary
Stepanova, Galina  Kindergarten Teacher
Strazza, Patricia  Elementary Teacher

Word of the Day: CHARNEL
Definition: (adjective) Gruesomely indicative of death or the dead.

Synonyms: ghastly, sepulchral.

Usage: The charnel smell coming from the suspect's basement left little doubt that he was the killer we were seeking.

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