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École Primaire
Elementary School



Altieri, Jessica Resource Teacher
Bruneau, Selina Kindergarten Teacher Phys-Ed, Drama
Cavaliere, Nadia Elementary Teacher ELA - Cycle III
Correia Da Silva, Elisangela   French Teacher FSL - Cycle II
Corsetti, Deborah Elementary Behaviour Technician
Cristofaro, Michele Janitorial Caretaker
D'Addario, Diana Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten
Garofalo, Sonia
(Ext 7010)
Administration Principal Principal
Hould, Louise Daycare Daycare Educator
Lalancette, Lucie Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten
Lounis, Hakim French Teacher FSL
Madja, Cornelia Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Pre-kindergarten
Maraventano, Paola Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Pre-Kindergarten
Markessinis, Denise Elementary Teacher ELA
Markessinis, Panagiota Cycle 1 Teacher ELA
Marquis, Laurence Elementary Teacher FSL
Nappi, Giuseppina
(Ext 7017)
Administration Daycare Coordinator Daycare Technician
Pistilli, Carmie
(Ext 7015)
Administration School Secretary
Potvin, Emilie Elementary Teacher FSL
Reisser, Ilona
(Ext 7020)
Roy, Marie Josee Elementary Teacher Phys. Ed.
Salina, Laurie Resource Teacher ELA & Remedial Support
Senechal, Denyse
(Ext 7016)
Administration Secretary
Strazza, Patricia Elementary Teacher
Terceira, Sonia Elementary Teacher ELA, Staff Assistant
Uche, Priscilla Cycle 1 Teacher FSL

Word of the Day: SURFACTANT
Definition: (noun) A chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved.

Synonyms: wetting agent, surface-active agent, wetter.

Usage: She ordered a new pair of glasses and had the lenses coated with a surfactant that would act as an anti-fogging agent.

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