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École Primaire
Elementary School



ABAV Plan-Genesis 2018-2019 [B6264 - D. Senechal:2018-12-07]
DECEMBER 2018 [B6239 - D. Senechal:2018-11-29]
GB Minutes May 16 2018 [B6226 - D. Senechal:2018-11-22]
GB Minutes October 2018 [B6227 - D. Senechal:2018-11-22]
H & S Minutes - October 2018 [B6225 - D. Senechal:2018-11-21]

Word of the Day: INTOXICATION
Definition: (noun) A temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol.

Synonyms: drunkenness, inebriety, insobriety, tipsiness.

Usage: Kevin drank beer after beer, heedless of the hangover that would undoubtedly follow his intoxication.

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