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École Primaire
Elementary School



GB Minutes - June 2020 [B7330 - D. Senechal:2020-11-02]
Genesis COVID Emergency Protocol [B7282 - D. Senechal:2020-10-01]
H & S Minutes - October 13, 2020 [B7340 - D. Senechal:2020-11-11]
November Calendar - 2020 [B7331 - D. Senechal:2020-11-02]
PUBLIC NOTICE OF SWLSB NOVEMBER 11, 2020 MEETING [B7328 - D. Senechal:2020-11-02]
REVISED Genesis 2020-2021 School Calendar [B7353 - D. Senechal:2020-11-19]

Word of the Day: HEADSTRONG
Definition: (adjective) Determined to have one's own way.

Synonyms: stubborn, willful, obstinate.

Usage: Every man is in his youth impetuous, headstrong, and obstinate in maintaining his own opinion.

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