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École Primaire
Elementary School


Governing Board



GOVERNING BOARD  2020 - 2021
School Administrators & Teachers  Parent Representatives
Lynn Neveu - Principal  Sam Reda – Co-chair, Parent Representative


Melissa David

Denise Markessinis

Yiota Markessinis

Nadia Cavaliere

Andrusko, Theresa -  Chairperson, Parent Delegate

 Pina Nappi - Daycare Co-ordinator

Soha Morsi- Parent Representative
 Carmie Pistilli- Support Staff Representative

Santina Pendino - Parent Representative


Sandra Conte - Parent Representative, Alternate Parent Delegate

Helen Morrison - Community Representative



Word of the Day: FORTIFY
Definition: (verb) To strengthen physically, mentally, or morally.

Synonyms: sustain, encourage, confirm, cheer, strengthen, reassure, brace, stiffen, hearten, embolden, invigorate.

Usage: Prayer fortified the congregants during their crisis.

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