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École Primaire
Elementary School


Governing Board



Governing Board 2018-2019
School Administrators & Teachers Parent Representatives
Lynn Neveu - Principal Anik Brunet – Co-chair,  Parent Delagate


Eric Spooren

Denise Markessinis

Yiota Markessinis

Nadia Cavaliere

Andrusko, Theresa -  Parent Representative, Chairperson

 Pina Nappi - Daycare Co-ordinator

Sam Reda -  Parent Representative
 Carmie Pistilli- Support Staff Representative

Santina Pendino - Parent Representative


Marc-André Labelle - Parent Representative


Soha Morsi- Parent Representative


Helen Morrison - Community Representative

Word of the Day: PETTIFOG
Definition: (verb) Argue over petty things.

Synonyms: bicker, brabble, squabble, niggle, quibble.

Usage: Mrs. Faraday watched in exasperation as her children pettifogged about who deserved the last of her chocolate chip cookies.

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