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École Primaire
Elementary School


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FEBRUARY 2020 Calendar [B6980 - D. Senechal:2020-02-14]
GB Minutes - December 4, 2019 [B6958 - D. Senechal:2020-01-30]
Form Judicial_Adultes_2019_2020_FR [B6739 - D. Senechal:2019-09-20]

2450 rue Rosemère, Laval, QC, H7E 2J8
Tel. 450-680-3035 Fax: 450-629-0458
Principal: Lynn Neveu  


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Word of the Day: INEBRIATE
Definition: (verb) Fill with sublime emotion.

Synonyms: beatify, exhilarate, tickle pink, exalt, thrill.

Usage: He receives your propositions with an enthusiasm which cheers, and plunges into their accomplishment with an alacrity which almost inebriates.

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